Running Events

Many people run because they like to socialize and be apart of a running community.  As a 5 time All-American and National Champion track and field athlete, I understand the bonds and friendships that athletics have to offer.  At Blue Note Music we understand the importance of creating the right atmosphere to host a successful running event, whether it’s for medical research or personnel fitness.


Event Planner

At Blue Note Music, we understand that the key to a successful running event is pre-event planning.  We always work with race committee to make sure the play lists and announcements are perfect to create a fun and exciting atmosphere.  We start by sitting down with you to create a schedule that suits you and all of your needs.  We strongly believe in making sure that every question that you have is answered and the entire process is fluid and stress free.



You can also trust in the reliability that Blue Note Music has come to be know for.  We show up one hour before every race to set up our system and do sound checks.


Give us a call.  We can sit down, share some stories and hopefully make your running event  fun and memorable.